Other aluminum molds

  • Molds footwear accessories:
    inserts to be loaded into the sole to improve the design and operation of the shoe. Some accessories include spoilers, logos, soft and rigid toe tips.
  • Handbags molds:
    molds are made for thermoplastic handles that replace the leather or fabric.
  • Molds for pallets:
    these large molds are used to make rubber pads or polymers with steel core.
  • Molds for road curbs:
    curbs for flowerbeds, roundabouts and pedestrianized islands can be printed in recycled rubber or PVC.
  • Floor molds:
    thermoplastic tiles or grids for building are mainly used for outdoor use. They are economical, colorful and easy to apply.
  • Molds for thermoplastic profiles:
    these products are intended for both furnishing and electronics. Materials can be rigid or soft.
  • Molds for mats:
    foot pads are used in the interior of cars and motorcycles with a special space. Materials are generally TR, TPU and rubber.
  • Various

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