Our full service of molds and aluminum productions starts with the design. We are ready to realize it no matter if it is still only an outline or an elaborate technical project. We support our Customers' ideas with our professionalism and creativity, guaranteeing a complete confidentiality.

Starting from machines that perform three-dimensional model scans, we digitize the shapes or soles of each single project to speed up the acquisition of the data needed for computer design.

We elaborate the sketches with the Cad-Cam technology and create prototypes. The resin prototypes are generated by our numerical control machines with 4 and 5 axles and the drawings are turned into tridimensional forms thanks to our internal artisanal modeling techniques.

The prototypes can therefore be previewed by the Customer, before producing the milled mechanical mold or the mold derived from fusion. For the latter type of molds, we also make a casting of the project later, either one sample or a series of it, in our modern foundry.

Finally, we work the rough mold and the product we deliver to the customer is a mold made with the highest precision, ready to be used and in a very short delivery time.


In order to concretize the customer's idea, before arriving at the sample mold stage, we can make the maquette: a high resolution physical model that faithfully reproduces the surfaces, colors and all the characteristics of the desired sole. It is the tool that allows us to combine stylistic choices with the feasibility of molding.
Before the sample mold, we make resin-based sketches that reproduce the template and shape to be tested in shape.

All this is done by the skill of our technical office, with state-of-the-art CAD-CAM technology, and internal modeling. It finishes the casting machines and models, as well as being able to perform jobs without the help of CNC for extremely urgent prototypes.

In modeling we have a wide range of rubber molds to be applied on resin machining. Hundreds of leather effect, honeycomb, diamond tip, waves, lines, punch, scratch, crêpe, micro, sawtooth and tread can enrich the desired sole design.
We also carry castings of resins for models, rubber floorings and castings through silicone rubber.

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