Molds for Soles

Chrome: mono / bicolour / tricolor.
Materials: PVC; TPU; TR; ABS; Injection or compression rubber; Eva; PU; Microtech; Thermoplastic with guarded guard.
Mold finish: mirror polished, satin finish, matte with fine or large grain.

We make molds for footwear made from full or resulting from aluminum fusion of resin models for having special effects and texture.
We produce molds for midsole footwear bottles or combining more than one thermoplastic compound. For example: TR + leather, TPU + PU, rubber + PU, Eva + PU, Eva + TPU. Some materials embellish and give longer durability to the product, others give lighter and more comfort to the shoe.
PU molds, with foaming foam padding, can be constructed in two or more parts to use colored films.
We design molds for direct injection shoes on fabric or leather.
For Eva soles, they produce rigid plastic shapes to cool the sole after molding, crucial to controlling retraction of thermoplastic material.

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